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2017-2020: 3 Years of Opportunity & Strategic Warfare

Many prophetic (and political) voices have shared what they are hearing from the Lord regarding this new season that we have entered into. Our emphasis at The Reigners Club is geared more toward what we as individuals need to know and do, rather than on what the Lord is doing on a larger scale, though we will discuss as the Lord desires. This keeps us from being distracted by what God is going to do regardless of our involvement, so that we can focus on the assignments He has given us as individuals. If He wants us involved in the larger things, He will have us ready because we have tended to the smaller things.

We always start with focusing on actively Waiting on the Lord, Practicing His Presence. Our relationship with Him remains paramount, and the only thing that satisfies. Maintain your personal goals relative to this relationship and you will be able to persevere through whatever storms and circumstances come your way.

Greater Things

When He walked this earth, Jesus proved to the people that He represented His Father in the unseen things (forgiveness, love, His Kingdom) by doing great exploits that could be seen by the people. He proved to His audience that He could forgive sin by healing the sick and casting out devils. He proved He was sent by God by doing miracles. This is part of our calling as well, and even greater signs and wonders than what Jesus displayed are part of our birthright as our soul is brought into alignment with spirit. We must raise our expectations for ourselves and develop a greater sense of our purpose here on earth as we move into exercising our authority over time and space as God directs.

For our present discussion, Christians today fall into two general categories, those that have been practicing His presence, having their wounds healed and learning to live as spirit under the personal training of God, and are already actively engaging in His plans, and those who have not, but whose heart has been touched to be available for such a time as this.

Prepared Pioneers

These believers are trained, experienced and are already following specific orders to engage the enemy. There will be promotion and opportunity beyond your wildest expectations, so let your soul soar! The drawing of the presence of the Lord will at times be overwhelming, often affecting you physically, but will likely occur even as you are carrying out your everyday duties. Let the Lord set a strict watch on how you spend your time and what your heart and mind dwell on. You will be misunderstood; don’t take it personally. The Reigners Club desires to be a place of encouragement, rest and refreshing for you whenever necessary.

Ready To Be Made Ready

These believers want to be used by God, but have not been trained or prepared to be sent into the kinds of battles being waged at this time. Fortunately, this is a time of acceleration and mentorship. The Holy Spirit desires to do a quick work, but you will need to be willing to forgive others and yourself, releasing your past as an excuse in order to embrace your present, and to quickly become comfortable making mistakes. You will be able to redeem your time through specific requests the Lord will make of you. Follow through with His assignments and you will experience an ever greater reality of His love for you. Only Knowing God satisfies, only Receiving His Love will provide peace. The Reigners Club desires to be a focus of acceleration, guidance and instruction for those desiring to take advantage of this great opportunity and truly live as a spirit in this earth.

I will go into greater detail over the next couple of months as the Lord permits. For now, know that if you know how to wait for Him, and as you practice waiting in His presence, you will be called upon to be a conduit for His moving in this earth, whether you are aware of it or not. And if you don’t know how, you can quickly learn!

These are exciting times. Enjoy!

Happy New Year! Dream Big!

Dream Big! Isaiah 64:4, 1 Corinthians 2:9

Merry Christmas 2016

We Already Have The Authority

We Already Have The Authority

Happy Easter!

Good News about Rejection :)

By now you’ve heard me say that there are two kinds of people in the world, those that have been rejected and those that have been rejected more. The good news about rejection, at least here on earth, is that because it is something we will always face, there will likely come a time that it won’t bother us as much as it likely does now. I know, that’s not saying much, but accepting the inevitable – that becoming one with God doesn’t prevent rejection, pain and struggle – hopefully adds to entering that rest of the present. Without the dichotomy of the right and left hand of God in our lives, without the pain, joy stands alone and is taken for granted. And we lose the appreciation for the one and the gratitude for the other that is a hallmark of our relationship with the Eternal.

For The Week: Patient Perseverance

Don’t rush your decisions anytime, but especially this season. There are factors that have not yet come to the surface, so your conclusion that you have all the information you need may be premature. Ask the Lord if it’s time to make the decision, then ask Him for wisdom. Don’t “sign on the dotted line” until you’ve heard from Him, whether with a specific answer or the assurance that you are heading in the right direction. “Guessing” is NOT the same as “Deciding.” Every decision is an opportunity to gain confidence. Be Bold in pressing in for an answer.

Tithing, Giving and the Scriptures [Part 1]


One of the most divisive issues in the church continues to be regarding tithing. Many mis-understand the term, its use in the scriptures and its meaning for the church today. We will be looking at the topic from as clear a perspective as possible, based on the scriptures. The act of tithing is clearly delineated in the scriptures, but a misunderstanding of the ways the term is used in scriptures and what happened at the Cross and Resurrection has caused many Christians to continue to be brought under the heavy weights of the Pharisees.

The scriptures can generally be broken down into the following time-frames: 1. Pre-Codification of The Law (before the law was written down); 2. The Codified Law (the written law); 3. Additions to the Law (included in post-Torah books of the Bible), 4. The Transition (when Jesus taught under the law), 5. The Fulness of Times: Grace! (from the Resurrection until whatever comes next).

For clarity sake, and to see the progression of God’s unfolding plan, we will review the scriptural usage and function of the tithe and tithing within each of these time frames. The scripture verses being discussed are included for clarity sake. References are in The New King James Version unless indicated; please feel free to refer to additional references and versions as desired.

Prepare for the Week: Stay Emotionally Focused

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Remember Dad already has your week planned out for you and will see you through each day.

Our emotions often respond without checking in with our mind or will. Be on the lookout and ready to respond to attacks from the world system, especially things going on at work with people. Be SLOW to respond. It is better to walk away with nothing to say than to respond out of the flesh. Don’t get caught up in ‘office’ politics.

Obtaining and Maintaining Focus is very important for all of us right now, so we know there will be warfare: we know we will be coming up against our flesh, the demonic realm, and the pressures of this world system. But you are WELL ABLE to maintain focus if you stay dependent on Daddy and His resources to get your information and encouragement.

This will be a long-term issue so you will be receiving similar reminders as this, to stay focused, but thi!s is the way we learn new habits, not just by overcoming distractions but by developing new ‘vision’; clear focus and confidence.

Have a great week!

Aide & Comfort

When tragedy strikes, most of us look for a way to help. If we live nearby, we may consider volunteering, especially if we have a skill or resource that would be particularly helpful. Or perhaps we look for a way to donate ‘in general’ ~ blood or financially, for example.

In some ways we’ve come to expect this response. Watching the news, we are given the ‘up close and personal’ accounts of missing loved ones, details of last conversations, contact information. Then come the concerned politicians and government officials and their promises of investigations. And the event memorials. Then the lawsuits.

Yet I wonder how much of this is done for the good of those actually involved in the crisis event? How much grieving do we do because we are stirred by human compassion? How much because it’s expected? How much for the cameras? To be a part of the bigger event?

Don’t get me wrong. In the condition we’re in now, living for ourselves as we so often do, we are doing good for others. The blood donations will be used by someone in need, the finances and memorials will fill needs as well.

But how much do we rely on feeling compassion to motivate us to reach out and give what is ours already ~ comfort, healing, hope, answers.

I’m confident that as we all continue to be joined to Father and His heart, we will more and more be equipped and ready to be sent where He sends us.

I guess that’s part of the lesson of what is often called “The Great Commission.” Are we ready to go when and where Jesus sends us? Or are we too busy fulfilling the given expectations.

I know we will be ready.

If we want to be.